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Public Members Program

By being a member of the Global Connections Network, every day you can enjoy a range of benefits being offered by our participating businesses.

We offer many membership opportunities and benefits:Enjoy the benifits of being a member today!


With our Public benefits programs our objective is to be able to introduce you to real benefits that you can enjoy not only within close proximity to where you live or work but also to a World Wide Market place.

Shoppers can visit our web site to respond to any 'weekly specials' alerts or look to fulfil a specific need.

Global Connections Network is like having your own online store.

Individually we can do great things. Together we can do mighty great things.

As always we appreciate your support and invite you to come back often to see what else our business members have to offer you.


For more information on our 'Free Public Membership Subscription' view our public members program facts sheet.

Membership Program Facts Sheet

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