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How would you like to be working with a Global Co-operative which helps people all around the world who have various needs. A company that encourages, supports and helps people to achieve whatever they want. A company that is committed to helping the world to become a better place for all mankind. A company that has no boundaries to where it can operate. A company that rewards its people by sharing its income and resources. A company that provides a worldwide system for its people to work within, without having to sell products or services.

Do you see yourself as a visionary leader with good communication skills who loves helping people? If so, register your interest to...

The General Manager,
Global Connections Network,
P.O. Box 800,
Belmont, Geelong


Email: info@gcnonline.com.au

For further information visit our corporate web site www.gcnworks.com.au

*Global Connections Network is not associated or aligned with any Multilevel Marketing or Barter company.