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About Global Connections Network (GCN)

GCN is a co-operative network that helps people with all their needs, from buying & selling of goods and services to those seeking employment.

Through the use of people and specialised "search and match" technology, GCN brings buyers and sellers together from around the Globe who are wanting anything from Real Estate to Roller Blades.

Within Australia there is a huge number of small and not so small businesses at a local level. In fact this sector is Australia's largest employer, playing an important role in training young people and is crucial to the well-being of the Australian economy.

Global Connections Network was developed on the acknowledgment that every local district has a large number of small businesses catering to meet a diverse range of consumer needs. In many instances consumers are regularly rewarded by dealing with local business in a number of ways, these include better prices, convenience, service and a sense of community.

The challenges that are faced by the local business owner and consumer is that they cannot easily find each other. Extensive marketing campaigns designed to inform consumers of their existence are generally out of the reach of the small business owner due to the costs involved. Consequently more cost-effective and resourceful methods of communication need to be found.

Global Connections Network has developed a range of services that are designed to provide small business owners and consumers with better and easier access to each other.

Our service is not about being patriotic, though that wont be discouraged, but it is about assisting consumers and business owners to benefit from the experience of being a member of the GCN Network.

*Global Connections Network is not associated or aligned with any multilevel marketing or barter company.